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Any Reason to Market at your Martial Arts School

marketing martial arts school sales Feb 18, 2022

Any Reason to Promote

Its going to be President's Day here soon in the good ole USA.  On holidays, my mailbox and inbox gets filled with deals for furniture, appliances, and discounts for other stuff I probably don't need.  I guess I'm used to it and...I EXPECT it.


We can take this opportunity to go with the flow and offer something from our school to our students.


A holiday, even a hallmark holiday like Valentine's day is a good excuse to run a limited time promotion.  Below you will find our upcoming President's Day Campaign to promote equipment and gear sales in our Pro-Shop as well as our Online Store.  Students save 30% for the entire week.

Yes we're even running a deal for 50% off on Muay Thai courses until February 14th Valentine's Day.

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Authored by: Nakapan Phungephorn

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