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How to Hire a 24hour Staff Member that Needs No Breaks

administration ai artificial intelligence enrollment consultation front desk sales Mar 08, 2022
Artificial Intelligent Martial Art Schools

Test out our New AI Appointment System.

Do you have Artificial Intelligence working for your school?  The 4th Industrial Revolution (4IR) can be described as the Shift to Cyber-Physical Society and its here to stay.  Like all revolutions, it will be extremely disruptive to our current lives.  All we can do, is adapt.

You're seeing a replacement of tasks and in essence, jobs, with Robotic Process Automation (RPA).  Basically human jobs  are being replaced by robots and computer algorithms.  

The 4th Industrial Revolution can even be seen transforming the martial arts industry.  While we may be a long way from replacing the martial arts coach with a robot, we've already seen the shift to online learning.  Moreover, business support processes are transforming even more rapidly.    Humans who once performed vital business administrative functions are being replaced by computer software. 

One example we've seen at our school, is the front desk.  Last week, we went live with our WebChat Bot that can now set first free class appointments for perspective students.  Its not perfect yet, but its improving and we're confident it will mature into the next Skynet.  

You are welcome to visit our Academy website and give it a try, just please don't set the appointment and not cancel it.

All kidding aside, this trend is concerning but it its not going anywhere.  Let me know what your thoughts are on 4IR.

Do you believe in The Great Reset and the plot created by the World Economic Forum?  Those who know me, know that I enjoy discussing conspiracy theories.  True or not, they can be a lot of fun to talk about.  I'll post a funny video about for our conspiracy theory Thursday in our free community network:


This article is written by Nakapan Phungephorn, Founder of BETA Academy in Washington DC and Chairman of The Black Business Union.


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