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QR Code Marketing for Martial Arts Schools

marketing martial arts martial arts marketing qr codes Aug 02, 2022
Martial Arts QR Code Marketing

QR codes are the way of the future.  Here’s 3 ways you can use QR Codes in your martial arts school to boost marketing.

Throughout the article I’ll reference our school, BETA Academy and share example of how we are leveraging the power of QR codes in our Muay Thai and BJJ School.

#1 Share Social Media Accounts 

It’s a great way to share your social media account information.  Unfortunately BETA Academy was slow securing the name on Instagram so our handle is @betaacademydc while our Facebook and twitter accounts are and respectively.


So every time we want to share our info we have to write out the specific urls to ensure people don’t follow the wrong accounts.  This is time consuming and takes up a lot of space on print media…that is until we adopted QR code technology.  

Now we can put all our social media links in one place.  We display social media QR codes in our locker rooms and at the front desk for new students.  BTW, changing rooms are a great place for marketing messages.  While a students dons their jiu jitsu gi, they can get a gander of your new QR code.   This strategy is guaranteed to get you more followers and likes on your social media.  

#2 Put QR codes on Business Cards

Does anyone use business cards anymore?  We still do.  Here’s an example of our social media QR code on our business card.

If you scan the code on the front the card you’ll get all the ways you can get in contact with the BETA Academy.  

#3 QR Code for free trial classes 

If you’ve been follow our martial arts business blog, you know that I’ve been advocating for the use of chat bots, AI, and other automated attendants in academies to reduce day-to-day repetitive tasks.  

One of the tasks we want to automate is setting free trial class appointments.  Talking to prospective students about what to expect when taking their first Muay Thai and Jiu-Jitsu class is important but what if they don’t want to talk on the phone?  What if instead they want to book their own free trial class?  Well now they can do that.

Here’s an example of how BETA Academy uses the back of the business card to share the free trial automated appointment setting system. 


Static vs. Dynamic QR Codes

When choosing a QR code generator for your Muay Thai gym or jiujitsu school, you’ll want an application that allows you to create Dynamic QR codes?  What is a dynamic QR codes= you ask?  In short, it’s a QR code that you can change without having to regenerate and print a new one each time.


For example, if I want to add another social media account to my list of accounts, I can do that with a dynamic QR code and not have to change anything.  Whereas with a static code, any print media with the old code would have to be thrown away or reprinted.  

Need a QR code application?  

We use QR Tiger and we love it.  You can use it for free and generate up to 3 QR codes.

If you want to subscribe and unlock features such as analytics and tracking, Click the link below to save $10 on your subscription to QR Tiger.

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This article was written by: 

Nakapan Phungephorn 

Founder - BETA Academy

Chairman / CEO - Black Belt Business Union

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